Story of a Simple Blob: A Humbling Perspective on a Human Centric World

Story of a Simple Blob: A Humbling Perspective on a Human Centric World

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, smart, lively, and lonely blob on a rock floating in space entirely covered in water. Upon gathering enough energy from nearby sources, the tiny blob stretched itself and made one more of its kind. It has a new partner now. Together they reproduced more blobs and continued to do so. Once the community of these blobs grew, they were smart enough to move from place to place together as one giant colony which gave them the advantage to share energy within themselves.

As more colonies are formed, more giant colonies of blobs started roaming freely and easily in the medium of water. Sometimes there is no need to spend energy to move since the water itself carries the colonies around. Some colonies at the surface of water did not survive the radiation from sunlight. Those that are deep down in the dark and cold waters were able to survive longer and continue to develop their colonies. Soon, the blobs realize that they can only survive by staying away from the harmful radiation of the sunlight.

Those blobs that have developed the capability to detect the sunlight and move away to a darker place have a higher chance to keep reproducing and have passed the capability to their newer colonies. Eons later, almost all new colonies can now find a safe place to make more of themselves in the darker and colder locations deep into the water.

More time passes by and the colonies are now extremely diversified. They have mastered new capabilities to swim, smell, and see which gave the colonies of blobs a great advantage to protect themselves and keep making more. Every time a new colony is formed, they carried the same capabilities from their ancestors and a unique capability for themself. If that unique capability is useful and helped them thrive, it is added to the list of capabilities for the next generation in their colony. If that has led to a disadvantage of not being able to reproduce, it could not be passed to the next generation.

After millions of years, these colonies of blobs have grown to make complex shapes and obtained surviving skills, which is referred to as 'life' on this rock still floating in space. The blobs continue to make more and more of their kind and always find new ways to work together as a colony. The colonies learned and adapted to leaving the medium of water to rely on for energy sources and explored new energy sources on the land.

After a few more millions of years, the colonies of blobs that came to settle on the land have diversified and adapted to different conditions in the environment presented to them. Some learned to crawl, some learned to fly and some learned to walk. All in the pursuit of new energy sources to keep the blobs inside them make more and more. Some distinct colonies among many are referred to as 'Humans'. And we humans named the blobs as 'cells'.

Here we are, living under the ego-satisfying impression that, the entire universe is created just to favor our "colony" but fail to realize that we are just another –

blob's way of making more blobs.

In cosmic expanse, a tale unfolds,
Of a tiny, brilliant blob, so the story is told.
Upon a watery rock, in space it swayed,
A lonely entity, in solitude it played.

Gathering energy, a dance in cosmic light,
The blob stretched, created kin, a partner in flight.
A community birthed, in unity they swirled,
A ballet of blobs, in a cosmic world.

As colonies grew, a wisdom took hold,
Moving as one, advantages untold.
Through the vast waters, they gracefully glide,
Sharing energy, in a watery tide.

Yet dangers lurked where sunlight beamed,
Some perished, as radiant beams gleamed.
Deeper they ventured, into shadows cold,
A lesson learned, as their story unfold.

In the eons that passed, the blobs transcended,
New traits emerged, as their journey extended.
Swimming, smelling, and vision keen,
Survival tools, in a watery scene.

Generations flourished, carrying ancestral lore,
Skills passed down, treasures to explore.
A dance of life, in waters deep,
A symphony of blobs, their secrets to keep.

Time marched on, a cosmic rhyme,
Complexity bloomed, a dance through time.
Leaving water's embrace, on land they strode,
In search of new energy, a boundless abode.

Crawling, flying, walking tall,
In pursuit of more, they answered the call.
Among these varied forms, a name took flight,
Humans emerged, in the soft moonlight.

Yet, in our grandeur, a truth unfolds,
We are but blobs, as the story holds.
A weave of life, in a universe vast,
A poetic dance, from first to last.