The cosmic perspective on life

Our relationship with the cosmos is not just spiritual. But in a way, physical. We are special not because we are different from each other, but the same.

The cosmic perspective on life

Heavy, rare elements such as gold, platinum and many more that we are obsessed with are found hardly on earth but they are not rare in space. These elements are formed under tremendous pressure and heat which is a normal occurrence at the center of a star. So, how are they here?

When a star explodes under the massive forces of it's own gravitational pull, it spews the heavy elements that are forged in it's core across the space. These elements land on nearby stars and planets. So, many elements in our periodic table that are also in our body are not naturally forged on earth to begin with. Their origins are traced to dead stars in our galaxy.

Neil Tyson has put this into a perspective that is humbling and underscores the significance of what it is to be a part of this universe.

The atoms in your body, the molecules that comprise life are traceable to stars that manufactured those in the crucibles of their core. Then exploded scattering their enrichment across the galaxy and enabling the next generation of stars to form planets.
And at least on one planet – life. And at least at this time – people.
We are participants in the great unfolding of the cosmic story. People like to think that, 'I'm special because, I'm different'. But, there is a whole other way to look at it. May be you are special because, you are the same.
May be we are special because our ingredients are traceable across the universe. That's almost spiritual in meaning and significance of what it is to be human. And our 3 pounds of gray matter figured this out.

-Neil Tyson